Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
The Non-State Schools Accreditation Board maintains a register under section 164 of the Education (Accreditation of Non-State Schools) Act 2001.
Information displayed on this site has been extracted from the register and is being updated frequently. Please check the date at the bottom of each page for information on the currency of the information.

Accuracy of data
The Board makes no statements, representations, or warranties about the accuracy or completeness of any information contained in this site.

User accounts
Governing body users can view information about the governing body as well as about the schools under the governance of that governing body.
School users can view information about the governing body as well as information about their school only.

Terms and Conditions
Each user must agree to and abide by the following Terms and Conditions when accessing and contributing to this site:
  1. Your access to the NSSAB Online Services depends on telecommunications and internet service providers and other external factors. The Board does not guarantee the availability of the NSSAB Online Services during business hours.
  2. Use of NSSAB Online Services does not change any of your obligations to provide information to the Board. You are not excused from providing information when required if you cannot access NSSAB Online Services for any reason.
  3. You agree to:
      • not permit any other person to use your NSSAB Online Services user account;
      • take reasonable steps to ensure that nobody else knows your password;
      • change your password regularly (passwords expire after 60 days).
  4. The Board will assume that any transaction using your username and password was approved by you.
  5. You may cancel your access to the NSSAB Online Services at any time by contacting the NSSAB Secretariat.
  6. The Board may, at any time and without notice to you, make changes to the NSSAB Online Services.
  7. These Terms and Conditions may be changed from time to time.

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